AwhiWorld are a creative technology consulting, production and manufacturing company.


We are specialists in immersive, interactive and emerging technologies including:


Our services include:


We create innovative experiences for diverse audiences that change minds, shift perspectives and rejuvenate spirit. Revealing and generating parallel, alternate and augmented realities is our specialty.


Our projects weave together diverse audiences, cultures, disciplines and technologies.


Our interventions, activations and installations:



AwhiWorld is made up of experts in creative technology, storytelling and cultural heritage.  Dr Maggie Buxton is Founder and Lead Producer partnered with artist and technical advisor Kim Newall (Wired Visual) as well as Tracey Gayner (Simple Steps NZ), Piri Marearai and a number of other individuals who coalesce around different projects.


Collaborating Organisations have included:

Funders have included: