swampAwhi_Flora was a mixed reality generating mobile based app available frowaterfallm the Google Play Store. It”s based on New Zealand native flora and includes 3D animated flowers and physical seed markers.

Awhi_Flora is a tool to support community engagement, to open minds and weave together different realities.


It was tested and developed as part of our Augmenting_Elders programme and then immediately put to use in the community as part of the Accelerating Auckland Mangere Park Jam AwhiWorld workshop. It is also been used extensively in workshops by Simple Steps a group working with Pacifica Peoples to raise their digital capacity.

me with coconut

necklaceAwhi Flora allows people to come together around a table and make interdimensional accessories. Young and very old create mixed reality necklaces, wristbands etc while they learn how this technology (and their phone!) works and what it can be used for in their own communities.

Our  AwhiFlora workshops have catered to over 1000 people from a wide range of ages and nationalities, but predominantly from different Pacifica communities. Take a look at our Facebook album for images.