Clue 1: A creature who loves fish and chips just before Stampedeing into action.

Clue 2: A creature called Selwyn who likes books for giants.

Clue 3: They dance in the window with skinless, healthy, straight spines.

Clue 4: This creature is filled with nostalgia for Averill’s theatre of stars.

Clue 5: Find this very knowledgable creature in the Dewey bush.

Clue 6: This tricky creature takes pictures of the Coyote.

Clue 7: It loves vintage clothes on an Irish street.

Clue 8: This creature grubs around with the oldest artefacts in town (but not on Sundays).

Clue 9: Sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on Broadway.

Clue 10: A creature who enjoys being massaged at 204 GSR.

Clue 11: A creature that braids its hair for Ronnie.

Clue 12: This flamboyant creature loves fruit-filled Papakura haircuts.