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Tribal Affiliations: Aitanga-A-Mate, Nga-Puhi, Ngati-Porou-Ki-Haratauenga

In his words:

I am the youngest son of the late master carver Paki Harrison. Most of my younger life was spent learning, from  dad from the time he created Whai-Ora Wharenui when I was about four. I would watch and help him work, up until his later life when he would drive him to make sure he could fulfil his desires and obligations he felt for his people.

I learnt many processes of the traditional Maori arts  – I was fortunate in life to always be surrounded by wonderful exponents, people of the day with the drive and skill to match. I have worked on wharenui projects from milling trees in the bush to the perfect finish on the timber of all those carvings we see. Mediums I work with include wood, stone, bone, glass, silver, compound resin, paint, computer graphics.

I have a background in music and have played and toured NZ with bands like Billy Tk jnr blues band, Mana band and was part of Dam Native Band among many others. Jazz was a big influence but I have played for reggae bands, blues, and rock. Currently I write music, play live as much as I can, and dabble in audio engineering. My weapons of choice are guitar (acoustic and electric), bass and upright bass, and keyboards.

I have a strong interest in creating frequency for healing. My years of work in the field of music, has been enhanced by new understandings of cymatics, and the power of sound and frequency from a science perspective. I work with sound as a force of creation.

My contribution to Place_Stories is Puawai-o-Matariki (The blossoming of Matariki).

The idea of invisible portals and energy gateways through technology gives rise to creating links that exchange energy. The foundation of Astral Alignment in my research, is pointed to sonic resonance a matching of tones if you will, by understanding the geometries of the tone we are then able to determine what energies to attract, alignment of soundwave in harmony produces great supernatural effect, for the conduit is formed in connection with the invisible sound (an umbilical cord), then correct ceremony performed by the lesser cells (us macro/micro) in harmony to confirm this communication, to the essence behind the stars or within.
The form symbolic of the cosmic body now resonates positive frequency. This concept of resonating sonic energy as a healing force from the energy life force (Mauri) star system Matriki, and connected to us, right here where you stand. A matching of soundwave, a matching of tone.

Designing a basic geometry in mind to resonate with Matariki, I placed 7 circles Matariki in the centre, the six daughters surrounding the centre, with a two triangles in the centre representing Male/Female essence in trinity, the three sides.Matariki Image


I have created a simple meditative soundscape recorded with elements of F#maj from recordings of the nebula, in order to attract the positive frequencies of Matariki and its enriching force, to create a connection an invisible frequency portal, that funnels healing positive energies, through Waharoa-o-Matariki (the gateway of Matariki), upon Papakura and wider Auckland.