AwhiWorld created a site specific interactive installation for Whangarei’s Toll Stadium as part of the Land and Sea event in Tech Week 2018.

The work had sensors and audio exciters placed up several flights of concrete steps. As people walked up the steps they triggered different parts of a poem by Cecily Herbert, “Everything Changes”

Everything Changes. We plant

trees for those born later

but what’s happened has happened,

and the poisons poured into the seas

cannot be drained out again

What’s happened has happened.

Poisons poured into the seas

Cannot be drained out again, but

everything changes.

We plant trees for those born later.

Underneath the stairs a series of images of flora and fauna were projected at random via an algorithm – mixing together within a VJ program.  The work was designed to remind visitors to the conference about some of the issues presenting our land and sea in 2018. You can see a snap shot here