moeMoe comes from the beautiful islands of Tokelau.


She is committed to God, family and her community.  Moe is passionate about the retention of Pasifika language, culture and heritage.


She speaks seven different languages (Samoan, Maori, Tokelau, Nui, Kiribati, Tuvalu and English) and is a member of several different Pasifika culture groups.


In 2014, her family began a cultural journey called Loto-Nui.  Loto Nui is an intergenerational Pasifika culture group that aims to increase peoples knowledge of Pasifika language (Tuvalu/Nui), culture and heritage. Moe is one of the leaders of Loto Nui.


For Matariki, Moe sings the Tokelau legend of Hina and Tokalalaga.  It is a love story about two people navigating their way between two of the atolls of Tokelau, using the stars, the birds and the sea.