Dr Maggie Buxton

Director | Producer | Consultant | Transdisciplinary Practitioner

Dr Maggie Buxton is a creative practitioner and producer with an extensive track record in place-based interarts practice and special expertise (including a PhD) in emerging technologies.

Maggie has over 25 years of working in NZ and globally to support a range of people, organisations and projects in the arts, environmental, social and political spheres. This includes ecovillages in West Africa and Latin America; social enterprises and spiritual communities in Scotland; climate change and environmental sustainability initiatives in Beijing and Singapore; experimental artists in Brussels and large political and corporate institutions across Europe. She has additional qualifications in development and innovation with an MSc in Org Dev from Sheffield Business School and an undergraduate degree in Politics and Education.

Maggie strongly supports interarts, digital arts and creative technology in NZ, she currently Co-Chairs the Aotearoa Digital Arts Trust, and co-leads the Creative Technology Northland network. For more info see her personal site: maggiebuxton.com

Kim Newall

Creative Technologist | Consultant | Educator | Performance Artist

Kim Newall (MCT) is creative technologist, emerging media creative and performance artist working within the multimedia, mobile, interactive and immersive art forms. His passion is applying emerging and creative technologies ( such as Augmented Reality, Arduino, IOT) within community-based settings and/or with grass roots audiences. He is also concerned with breaking down knowledge barriers and creating links between the scientific, technological and creative worlds.

In addition to his own artistic practice, Kim provides advice to other creatives to support their practice and works (including on interactive screens such as Digital Art Live in Auckland) and has instigated and facilitated a number of capacity building networking groups in the creative technologies area. He has a strong record of innovation both in gallery and public, site specific settings. For more info on Kim see his personal site: wiredvisual.com