An Audio Foundation Guest Artist

Uniform is sound, art, film, and writing by underground women, for everyone. Based in Auckland, the Uniform collective is made up of writers, visual artists, musicians, and spatial designers. Working across multiple media, the collective has thrown a series of !No Venues! events in the streets, parks, bars, car parks, and gardens of Auckland. In March 2015 these and other activities and conversations by the group were documented in a Uniform magazine and video zine. Uniform is about doing something now without asking first.


Two core members being third generation South Aucklanders brought up with tales of wetlands and alluvial land being suburbanised and changed over the past fifty years. In our teenage-hood Papakura township was the suburban contrast to an urban fantasy we chased on a long bus rides into “town” ….where we got hassled for our Southside accents and for loving both punk and slow jams. Outsiders in our own city yet at home in the mix of newness and rural of South Auckland.


uniformsays.pdfThe place story we have to tell this Matariki draws on these memories and the role of place in growing up. We have built an audio track that takes place in the augmented reality of the “hangout” spacies parlour. Driven electronic sounds are abstracted by textural sound layers to reflect playing an arcade game while human voices drop in and out of conversation.  Positioned at the Space World doors the piece takes you to a place where video games virtual realities mix with the  realities of our day to day lives.